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It happens all the time, as soon as a product becomes big enough in the market, the counterfeiters make copies. Crocs is now one of the most “copied” footwear brand in the market. With more than 6 million pairs sold worldwide in 2006, a figure that has sent counterfeiters scrambling madly to create their own “Crocs” from the Beach model to the Prima, Crocs can now be considered a global success. Even the shoe charms called Jibbitz are being copied with counterfeiters releasing even more designs than the original brand, producing shoe charms using characters without proper license or authorization from copyright holders.


While it should be easier to just buy Crocs from the company website or from authorized retailers to be sure that you’re getting the real deal, sometimes it’s also good to check on eBay, other websites and from other sellers to get some good deals. When you are not sure if the shoes you are buying are the real Crocs merchandise, just follow this simple guide on how to spot fake Crocs.

For the clog styles, true Crocs have the brand name “Crocs tm” on the heel straps. The straps are attached to the shoe with rivets. The rivets have the Crocs logo on them. The Crocs logo design is of a crocodile with two eyes showing. The crocodile has six uneven bumps on the back, the 4th bump from the top a little bigger than all the rest. The Crocs logo has two hands showing both with three fingers each. His hands look like he’s holding the edge of a box. The background should be black and the Crocs logo in white. The word Crocs, shoe size and company website will also appear at the bottom soles.

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Stores who sell original Crocs also have a wider selection of styles and colors. The most common counterfeit Crocs are the Beach, Cayman and Mary Janes and store usually carry very limited colors. Many of the Crocs copies do not have the Crocs logo or brand name and they are sold for a very low price but they will not give you the same satisfaction as the original.


Funny Bloopers!

Diesel Fried Chicken

Yum! You gotta love that DFC. But it can give you a little gas.

Falling rocks?

I feel sorry for the guy in the Smart Car that stopped to get a closer look at that little warning sign.


They should try to find a shop that can fix that.

Danger ahead. Fasten seatbelts and remove dentures.

Those Disneyland ride caution signs are starting to go too far…

Please do not throw odds and ends into the pond.

That’s why I came in here to throw them down the sink.

Let are kids walk!

If you are going to argue that your kids should be allowed to walk across the stage for high school graduation even though they didn’t pass their exams, it might help your cause if you had the correct spelling of all four words in your protest sign.

Keep Right

Oh, I get it. They just had the sign upside down. Turn your computer monitor upside down, and then the sign really makes sense. Careful… Hey is that a big spider on your monitor?

Caution! No warning signs.

Um, that’s cuz they spent all their money on signs explaining that there aren’t any.

Now hiring all shits.

I guess an employee quit and got the F out of there.